Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Polyurethane & latex foam tempur-pedic neck pillows

Polyurethane foam is one of the most commonly used fillers of orthopedic pillows. Its properties allow you to make pillows of different purposes, different qualities (density, rigidity, elasticity). The tempur-pedic neck pillows made of polyurethane foam can be of various shapes, which depends only on the capabilities of producers of this raw material and blanks from them.

Density and rigidity of polyurethane foam determine the type of final product: medium density polyurethane foam goes to the tempur neck pillow under the head and neck, to the pillows under the feet; for tempurpedic pillows under the back and for sitting uses are used a more rigid and dense material. Polyurethane foam has one more important property: by using certain additives in raw materials from conventional polyurethane foam, a material with a "shape memory" effect is obtained. If you retain all the properties of the foamed polyurethane, this kind of raw material when pressed on it expands somewhat more slowly than regular polyurethane.

Polyurethane & latex foam tempur-pedic pillows

This property of the raw material makes the tempur pillows more comfortable. Sleep on such products, while maintaining all the healing properties of the orthopedic pillow, resembles a dream on a conventional pillow - a less elasticity provides a reduction in the buoyancy effect that a certain group of consumers likes. The material does not cause allergies, it does not contain mites and other insects. Champions of cleanliness will be pleased with the fact that dust does not accumulate inside the tempur-pedic pillow. They produce polyurethane foam of different degree of elasticity, depending on the type of pillow, and you can easily choose the option that suits you.

Foamed latex is also widely used in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. In the environment of consumers, latex is considered to be more modern material than polyurethane foam, and cushions made of this material are very popular now. Latex as a material for the manufacture of elastic products has been known for a long time, but the foaming of this raw material has been mastered recently, while at the same time greatly advancing the knowledge of technology in the mass of consumers.

Currently, in pillows called LATEX use synthetic rubber: elastic, rubbery and soft material. Such cushion lifetime is up to 10 years.

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